Concept design work for digital media

Project: Personal Graphic Design work based on the YA novels by Elizabeth Lim. Cover artwork by Tran Nguyen.
Objective: After reading book #1 of the Six Crimson Cranes series, I wanted to design some visuals to accompany the books and the artwork in the form of social media and merchandise concepts.

Promotional Concepts

Project: Visual concepts to be used for Instagram posts, web banners and promotions for podcasts and apps. Book Cover art is credited to Tran Nguyen and layout artists. Artwork was used for concept purposes only. Render layouts by me using Photoshop.

As someone who was born first generation and raised by immigrant parents, it is important for me to design and bring visibility to BIPOC and marginalized communities. The month of May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month and it is an opportunity to highlight AAPI creators. I mocked up this concept for social media with different options. I dropped in some hidden meanings in the design. The color red is symbolic for luck and happiness. I also hid the number 3 in the arrow because it represents life in many cultures.

Product Concepts

Project: Renders of concept merchandise to accompany the novel, Six Crimson Cranes. I wish these were real. I would love to own a Kiki enamel pin and tote bag! Cover art is credited to Tran Nguyen and layout artists. All other artwork is used for concept purposes only. Rendered layouts by me using Photoshop.

Merchandise concepts with descriptions

-Stationary: Spiral notepad and ballpoint pen with Shiori screen-printed on barrel
-Enamel pin: Kiki the enchanted paper crane!
-Mug: Screen printed Shiori graphic
-Tote bag with screen printed graphic of the map from the Book #1 end page

Mounted art print render of Shiori with Kiki and her brothers. Artwork by Tran Nguyen. Digital retouching by me.